Before I can speak how great Manny’s  Gym welcomed Gymmy the Owl and His Friends, I have to say that since I published the book about my Hero, best Friend and Student, Gymmy the Owl as a Gymnastics Instructor, I always dreamed about the “The Life Tree” which someone can build in their own house. It was happened and I got a letter from one of the parents from our Gym with one of very surprising me picture. I immediately responded to the author of this amazing project which really looks very similar to my dream. I sent him the file with two compatible pictures and my appreciation:

“Gymmy the Owl & Little Animal Kingdom’s Natural Gymnasts just wishes that one day they  will sit on the same tree  you made in your Home…” 


Another surprise I got watching what changes were made since we start working together with my South American Partner, great Coach and Fitness Specialist, my Latino Representative, Coach Manuel Rojas Basan…

“The Doors and Walls are YOURS”! That’s what Coach Manuel Rojas Basan and his amazing Art Team, which includes Xiomara Landinh, Paul Quinatoa, Juan Bernardo Dominguez Hernandez  made preparing Gymnasium for the VIP Guests created by Dr. Vladimir Zaglada , BIO Gymnastics University  Pedagogical Mentor,   book writer and Internationally Recognized Gymnastics Expert.

The program of the visit such a prestigious guests is  supportive , educational and what most  important is very friendly . Who knows maybe those Natural Gymnasts from Animal Kingdom’s will stay in Manny’s Gym FOREVER !?

The Leading Gymnastics Instructor Gymmy the Owl is really smart and wise bird. But at the same time being very close Friend of Coach Vladster this bird learned a lot! For Gymmy is not a problem to provide  his students  with basics knowledge about  Giants, Baby Giants, Free Hip Circle, Bridge, Splits  and more.

But in case the Manny’s students will need  to get the best approach   to the modern methodical and technical questions they can get it from one of the best books published by Vladimir Zaglada  entitled “One Coach’s Journey from East to West: How the Fall of the Iron Curtain Changed the World of Gymnastics”.

So, the work ahead is interesting and knowledgeable  for all sides participated in this project. Therefore, Good Luck to the Teachers & Students, making a first steps into the charming and intriguing World of Artistic Gymnastics.   We will try to keep this part of the website  updated  in accordance with the process of the Development of this amazing International project…

Global Summit Podcast Interview as best wishes to Coach Manny


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