It is fact that Galapagos Islands mostly known as a Treasure of Mother Nature and the place which hundred years ago Galapagos Pirates  considered as one of the Best place in the World. The illustration below were taken from Wikipedia as very interesting and intriguing by the content.

But time goes so fast and so many changes were made on Galapagos Islands as an integral part the Republic of Ecuador. The hard working citizens of Ecuador spend years in order to save the Animals and Nature of the Galapagos Islands for our civilization. They made an incredible input  into the Natural Humans Program saving our Planet for the future Generations of the World . This is why the mission of the People of Ecuador are incredible and unforgettable and MUST be considered as a best example  for all of us!

Gymmy the Owl and His Friends were invited to this amazing piece of Mother Nature by Coach Manuel Rojas Basan. His Family was among the first Families in Ecuador who introduced the Artistic Gymnastics and Physical Education in general and particularly as a necessary part of the Development of the whole Country. The program which their provide was an amazing step towards the success of the Republic of Ecuador in Physical Culture and Sport.

That means that for Gymmy the Owl and His Friends from Animal Kingdom’s this invitation was the best ever expected! In the future posts we will give to the all visitors of the website  good   opportunity to enjoy together with Gymmy the Owl and His Friends this amazing place of Treasure of the Nature called Galapagos Islands…

Who knows maybe one day Our Hero Gymmy the Owl will teach his students how to hold a Handstand on the Top of the Giant Turtle !?

Well done, Coach Manny! Your Handstand looks GREAT! This is why maybe you will make Handstand on the top of the Giant Turtle before  Gymmy the Owl will teach his students to do that !? For sure, it will be perfect contest between Natural Athlete & Coach Manny and wise and smart Bird Learned Gymnastics from Papa Vladster … Below is amazing video asking people to vote for Galapagos Islands as a New wonders of the Nature. What a wonderful country is your Motherland Ecuador! Gymmy and His Friends are so lucky to be there at the moment…

For sure , next handstand will be performed by Coach Manny Rojas Basan on the top of  the Turtle from the Galagapos Islands !


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