The page you opened dedicated to the Show People, means real Artists which create and participate in an amazing Theatrelized  Spectacular Shows using all available Artistic Tools, very colorful costumes and design of  their performances.

Good luck to Gymmy the Owl and His Friends from Animal Kingdom’s on the beautiful Land of Ecuador and big thank you to the Coach Manny invited those Natural Gymnasts from the Mother Nature.

I am promising to put  interesting information about their show which their planning to make in the Manny’s Gym and about the numbers of very colorful displays which will be performed on the Galapagos Islands and on the Top of the Ecuadorian Mountains…

Papa Vladster & Gymmy


[…] Having consciousness about nature’s motion and life’s promotion, Manny the movement’s influencer made his choice about holistic health following and observing the Animal Kingdom. Papa Vladster told me if you want to learn about gymnastics, just observe everything that moves, swims, runs and hangs.

Everything in nature and into the animal kingdom teaches us the movers to understand and to have consciousness about the fundamentals to jump, flip, twist, hang and invert, if we are like the owls.

The animal’s beauty remains in the simplest use of their natural physical capabilities to be free, happy and survive in nature. Flexibility, agility, speed, power, strength, balance and endurance makes them a nature’s card presentation with emotional observation and smart intervention.

Papa Vladster is my Master because he understands my nature made by creativity, resilience, empowerment….I want to be a Master as papa Vladster.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020


I found this video in the internet couple years ago, means in time when my Gymmy and his Friends already were presented in the Book Industry.  Thanks to the talented people for making this amazing show called “My name is Frog…!”

I am uploading this interesting video to this page as one of the best examples how creative and smart Our Mother Nature is! For sure, nobody can teach the Frogs to make this incredible lineup at the end… Isn’t it!?



May 15th, 2020


The drawing contest on the subject of Gymmy the Owl and Coach Vladster which took place in Manny’s Gymnasium recently was a big surprise for me. It was a Manny’s idea to make this contest especially for his Spanish Compilation of ” Gymmy the Owl and His Friends” which he already finished.

Actually, it was really hard for me to evaluate which Ecuadorian artist was the best . The drawings of all three Masters are real examples of the Naive Art. This Art always was given to the very special people with opened Hearts and pure souls.  Such a people are always the Lord’s  choice…

Just would like to remind that the legends of the World Naive Art were Henri Rousseau (France), Ivan Generalic (Croatia), Niko Pirosmani (Georgia).

I won’t make a final decision, but I really like the black & white drawing, which Coach Manny can use for any exhibitions of his Spanish compilation of the “Gymmy the Owl”. As I said earlier this compilation already done by Coach Manuel Rojas Basan and I will put it on a special page of my website soon.

Anyway, all of the Artists  presented their completed works will get an awards from Coach Vladster and his Wise Gymnastics Instructor Gymmy the Owl!


THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Xiomara Landinh, Paul Quinatoa, Juan Bernardo Dominguez Hernandez ! 

Coach Vladster & Gymmy the Owl



10 responses to “Show”

  1. Manuel Rojas says:

    dear Papa Vladster, thankfulness it is not enough to have the opportunity and honor to interact with your gymnastics education’s creations.
    it is my spiritual promise to keep promoting your training, philosophical, pedagogical and cultural principles here at the awesome land of Ecuador with CUYES, CURIQUINGUES, CONDORES, AND TURTLES. Always with love, respect, and trust.

    • Vladimir Zaglada says:

      Thank you, Manny, “Latino Son Borovichok” for your comments! I am really happy to work with you as a Papa Vladster. We are Great Team located thousands of miles from each other, but distance is nothing comparing to our wish to make our Life Healthy, Stronger, Successful and Beautiful! You are Gymnastics Coach working hard at awesome land of Ecuador dedicated your work to the People of Ecuador, mostly to the kids. The KIDS are the FUTURE OF YOUR COUNTRY and for sure they are so happy that work under your professional guideline.

      Best of the best to you and your students from,

      Papa Vladster and Gymmy

  2. Manuel Rojas says:

    dear Papa Vladster.
    several artists from my fitness programs want to capture their admiration and deep respect for your awesome gymnastics’ mission. They are drawing by HAND a poster of coach Vladster and Gymmy together.
    Soon, we all have the privilege to post that production, hope you like it and give as A PERFECT TEN.
    Coach Manny

  3. Manuel Rojas says:

    dear Pap Vladster
    artist from my gym/fitness program wants to capture their admiration and deep respect for your Gymnastics’ mission. They are drawing a poster of you and Gymmy; hope you like it and give us a perfect TEN
    coach Manny

  4. Manuel Rojas says:

    dear papa Vladster
    I wanted to post my deepest thankfulness because of the PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAM YOU WISELY DESIGNED TO ME.
    The ONE ARM HANDSTAND became the ultimate goal of this time of being one hundred years young coach of coaches.
    thanks to supporting this path and the accomplishment of this skill that was just a dream even when I was competing at the world’s championships
    coach Manny
    Borovichock from Ecuador

  5. Manuel Rojas says:

    dear Pap Vladster.
    as we were committed to the drawing initiative, we are so excited to communicate with you that WE MADE IT.
    XIOMARA LANDIN, PAUL QUINATOA, COFRADIA LA RENDIJA in partnership and coordination with MAROJAS SPORTARTS, finally accomplished the art of the poster with a Latin version of PAPA VLADSTER AND GYMMY THE OWL.
    From the bottom of our hearth, we are expecting THE DESERVED PERFECT TEN.
    YES, we made hard work and invested a lot of hours in the initiative, but nothing compared with the influence that GYMMY does with his book’s mission and values on our gymnastics, circus and acting community around our ROJAS FAMILY

  6. Manuel Rojas says:

    dear papa Vladster:
    officially we incorporated and upgraded
    warm-up routine for the rec. classes into our Gymmy at Quito Ecuador:
    This routine includes moves, shapes, and exercises considering and imitating the natural motion of the animal/actors from Gymmy the owl’s book, which inspired all of our gymnastics’ family and to make it happen this essential upgrade:
    Lion: proudly walking on toes as king of the gymnasts
    Gymmy the owl: flying with arms open widest possible.
    Doggy: feet and hands walking / forward and backward.
    Cat: miauing walking on knees.
    Kitty: same as a cat but moving the tail
    Hedgehog: walking on a beam with shorter arms and legs.
    Rabbit: jumping forward hands first doing squat jumps
    Dolphin: doing bb courvete forward and backward
    Bird: jogging slowly and moving arms just from elbows down
    Butterfly: moving knees outward and legs tucked bent
    Froggy: forward jumps from and to full squat, extending them during the jump.
    Grasshopper: bb funny circles on bb mushroom placed on floor.
    Worm: waving on floor forward using the chest
    without hands and/ legs.
    Bee: toe walks foreward, moving arms side ways as fastest as posisible and making bzzzzzz sound.

    as you can see nothing new but HONORING WITH LOVELY HONESTY the great influence from Gymmy and his friends on our entire lifes.

  7. Manuel Rojas says:

    No more old gym in Ecuador….sorry

    here at Quito, Ecuador we have to close our old gym….then THERE IS NO MORE GYM

    All of our activities will be supported by our core values correlated and based on:

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