What a great opportunity  for me to say couple words  about a Global Summit House which offered me a whole package of services include a participation in the one of the largest Book Festival in Dusseldorf, Germany. It was an amazing time to see my books advertised at Frankfurt Book Fair 2019 . My Gymmy the Owl  and His Friends from Animal Kingdom’s felt themselves  very proud to be exhibited among the best books in the World…


Moreover, the representatives of the Global Summit House within last couple months put numbers of posts about my “Gymmy the Owl and His Friends…” to the pages of the Facebook & Twitter social networks. So, now my Hero is well-known to the millions of people who loves animals and gymnastics…

Global Summit Marketing

Below is the link to the Podcast Interview   made by Global Summit House recently. I am so glad to present this great step towards to make my Heroes well-known in the entire World:

Another Global Summit House Podcast Interview will be posted soon…


What an amazing job done by Global Summit House Team! Thank you very much guys…


The Universal Breakthrough Magazine (USA)

I cannot find a words how big is my impression uploading on the this page an amazing work done by Universal Breakthrough Magazine ( December 2020 – January 2021).


Standing Together in the World: Vladimir Zaglada’s Mission in Writing Books

Cianna Reese


Building a sense of unity around the world today seems impossible and challenging. Think about it. The world is divided into people from different races, religions, political beliefs, and cultures. It would not be easy to understand other people who are far from what we are, simply because our minds are close. But in reality, there is this tiny light of hope that can be used as a bridge between these differences and create possibilities for a harmonious world connection in the future. And it would never be late to start today.

Upon discovering the works and life of Vladimir Zaglada, I learned about his human mission, “to help people stay together amidst differences and crisis.” The Culture and Sports Education is one key in creating possibilities for this unity. Coach Zaglada almost 50 years of life is devoted to artistic gymnastics’ theory and practice, including coaching and consultant for the senior and junior Soviet women’s and girl’s gymnastics teams, assisting in their preparation for the World and Olympic competition. As a teacher or mentor, you’ll see how he values his former students and proud of where they are now.

“My favorite Circus was and is a Russian Traditional Circus, but modern Cirque Du Soleil completely comes to my heart because… I do have a lot of my former students which working for this amazing “Theatre of the Circus Arts” not just as a gymnast, but as a Coaches as well.” —  Coach Vladimir Zaglada

17th March, 2021


Above is another amazing work of The Universal Breakthrough Magazine (March Issue, No 22).

I am so happy to see my “Gymmy the Owl and his Friends…” among featured books selected for this great Advertisement of the Universal Breakthrough Magazine.

Great Job, The Universal Breakthrough Magazine Team! March Issue No 22 make me very happy. As an Author of the books I will do my best in order to keep our cooperation on the successful and very high professional level.










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