BIO Gymnastics University: Goals, Plans and Students

Welcome to the BIO Gymnastics University created on the basis of the BIO Gymnastics & Athletics Unlimited (USA). This is the Club of my Heart and my current thoughts about Artistic Gymnastics. This is the place where I am working not counting the hours and time at all. Being not as young as I was 50 years ago in BIO I am feeling respect, attention and patience to all work I do. I am enjoying BIO teaching and educating not just a gymnasts, my small students, but mostly been focusing on teaching coaches.

The “Stuart Films” made a film about me called “Coach of the Coaches” in which the main roles played my best little students Hamilton Twins and their Coach Donna Kay Bolz. Donna Kay is a current  Coach of BIO Gymnastics Club, and today I as a Pedagogical Mentor of the Club would like to announce that she achieved the high level  of Teaching Artistic Gymnastics and become a Leading Coach  successfully graduated from BIO Gymnastics University. 

This is why I am dedicating this page of my website to the BIO Gymnastics Club and to the people who created this Club and  working for BIO Gymnastics for years.

Below the link to this amazing Gymnastics School and to the events which BIO planning to do :

BIO Gymnastics – Where Champions are Made In and Out of the Gym


It is not a secret that my work for BIO was one of the main resources for the Life. For sure many of you know that I  get started working for this Gym almost at the end my Coaching carrier.

But, besides a very respectful atmosphere in the Gym and already developed  Coaching  system I had a very good time working in the Gym with five beautiful daughters of Julie Forman Price, the owner of the Club.

One day I will publish on the pages dedicated to my Sweet Home Club the portraits of all of them. But before this “Priceless Sisters Gallery” will appiered here I would like to put on this page the Show which looks like a joke, but not joke at all.

BIO Gymnastics University Developmental Program

I will never forget the time  when we begin  to provide our students with complete  set of the Personalized Developmental Program. I am very happy to see a current  Basics Skills Development . Thank you to all Leading BIO  Coaches and their assistants for making this program as a Consistent Methodical Manual for BIO Gymnastics University. Just click on the link below and watch an “Additional Set for the Development of the skills performed on Uneven Bars”:

Additional Set 4 UB

For sure. it is very small integral part of the Program which we made together with my partners in BIO. The whole program is very solid and as I said. currently is working great. But in time, when it is impossible to attend practice in the Gym and gymnast have some sets of equipment at home, this kind of set ( or some part of it) can really help to stay in a good shape.

It is the way to go, my BIO Home Gym… I miss you so much!


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