What people are talking about Gymmy!?

Gymmy the Owl: Wise Bird or Gymnastic Teacher!?

Nobody except Dynamo!  How big fun to watch “Gymmy the Owl and His Friends …” and to listen the voice of the Author of the book Coach Vladster:


This amazing photo I got from Katya Korobkina, the illustrator of the Gymmy the Owl. The Dynamo Original Logo ( which everyone can see on the photo) she sent as a choice for the label on  my Sport Jacket and King of Beasts.

For sure, this famous logo is the best for the Gymmy and His amazing Friends from Animal Kingdom’s!

Below I will publish a numbers of the best references I got from numbers of people who really loved Artistic Gymnastics and Gymmy’s Journey as a Gymnastics Teacher.


AuthorHouse Releases Schedule of Complimentary Book Signings at the 2013 AARP Life@50+ Event in Atlanta

The best ever reference I got was  2013 AARP Life@50+Event in Atlanta Complimentary Book Signing. This event was for me and my daughter Olesya very exciting. She especially comes from Moscow to attend this very impressive event in Atlanta. It was thousands of visitors from whole country attending this event organized especially for the Healthy Life of the American People. But the most  surprise for me was to meet on this events my lovely Gymnasts from BIO Gymnastics Club.

Yes, it were Mackenzie (“Big Mac”) and her younger sister Kieran ( “Kicki”) from Miller’s Family and  Sam & Alex (“Angel Twins”) from the Hamilton’s Family. The both Families are my best Friends and supporters! During my work for the BIO Gymnastics they give an incredible respect and trust and made an incredible input into my work and life in the United States.

THANK YOU, MY BIO  FAMILY! It will always in my mind…

This is why I prefer to publish as my first reference and advertisement the post which was made by the Owner of BIO Gymnastics, the Boss on my work and my Goddaughter in my Life, Julie Forman Price. She published this post on her page at BIO Gymnastics website.

So, What’s with the Owls!?

Many of you have wondered, if not asked where did we come up with these names for our classes.  Bears, frogs and owls – oh my!

Our mentor and friend, Coach Vlad, wrote the first children’s book specifically about gymnastics and the animal kingdom.  The main character is Gymmy, the Owl.  He along with many of his friends in the animal kingdom explore how their natural movements can relate to and tie in with the wonderful sport of gymnastics.  In a way to forever honor and recognize Coach Vlad’s contribution not only to the sport of gymnastics throughout the world, but more specifically to the birth of BIO, we named our programs and classes after characters in his book.

In addition, our end of the year performance for classes has been named the “Flight of the Owls”.  We look forward to our students being able to showcase their talent and all of the skills they have learned this year!

If you are interested in learning more about Coach Vlad’s book and ordering one for your child, please click here to visit our online store.

Comments from one of the Pinterest’s Super Star Owl on the BIO post:

” I am not a Gymnastics Instructor YET! But reading such an interesting Gymmy’s Journey in Artistic Gymnastics … probably, I will fly into the Gym to take one or two lessons from my Brother Bird  and from the Best Gymnastics Coaches in BIO Gymnastics University…”   






For sure, Animal Kingdom much better well-known for the Gymmy readers, than gymnastics terminology used in Gymmy the Owl and His Friends. This is why this book sometimes is not very simple to read.

Yes, it is because of gymnastics terminology really required from all the readers to be knowledgeable in the basics gymnastics skills and their descriptions.

Don’t worry, readers ! Chapter by chapter you will learn from our Smart Gymnastics Instructor Gymmy most important and accurately presented basics skills. I know in advance that most of people will try to make it together with Gymmy and Natural Gymnasts from the Animal Kingdom.

Good luck in your reading the book and learning some basis of Artistic Gymnastics prepared for you by Coach Vladster and his smart student Gymmy the Owl …

The picture above is one of the posts from Global Summit House (2019), advertising  perfectly my book about Gymmy’s Journey.


I was very happy that Global Summit House issued a very thoughtful press release about my book which was distributed to the thousands of media resources across the United States and over:

Vladimir ZagladaReport (1)






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