Gymnastics Magazine “Clear Circle”


 I am planning  to publish on this page of my website Gymnastics Magazine “Clear Circle” ( Free Hip Circle). For the first time the basics version will be written on Russian Language and will called “ПЕРЕШМЫГ”.  I have a big hope that all my readers will love this funny, but informative magazine. For sure, the comments on different languages are WELCOME! Just let me time to collect the portfolio needed. Below is my (as one of the former editors) foreword:

FORMER EDITOR’S FOREWORD: Dear readers! You open the first issue of the gymnastics magazine, issued during the centralized training of Soviet athletes at the legendary Krugloye Lake base. The beginning of the 1980s and Olympic medals. Our coaches and athletes found time for humor and jokes. Pereshmyg in the language of professionals is clean a quick turn without touching the hips. We promise you that our “Pereshmyg” will be just as clean in technique and honest in content. We are sure that he will very soon become your friend, interlocutor and meeting place with interesting f acts, events and people. So, made successfully your Clear Circle and write to us about everything !!!


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